Our Board

Our Board

Profile image Ms Goh Swee Chan IHRP Board Chairperson

Ms. Goh Swee Chen

Former Chairperson, Shell Companies in Singapore

Profile image Mr Poon Hong Yuen IHRP Board Deputy Chairperson

Mr. Poon Hong Yuen
Deputy Chairperson

Deputy Secretary (Workforce), Ministry of Manpower

Profile image Ms Cham Hui Fong IHRP Board Member

Ms. Cham Hui Fong

Assistant Secretary-General, Director of Industrial Relations Department, NTUC

Profile image Ms Aileen Tan IHRP Board Member

Ms. Aileen Tan (IHRP-MP)

Group CHRO, Singtel

Profile image Mr Jason Ho IHRP Board Member

Mr. Jason Ho (IHRP-MP)

Head, Group HR, Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation Limited

Profile image Mr Fermin Diaz IHRP Board Member

Dr. Fermin Diez

Deputy CEO and Group Director, Human Capital Development, National Council of Social Services

Profile image Ms Rebecca Chew IHRP Board Member

Ms. Rebecca Chew

Deputy Managing Partner, Rajah & Tann

Profile image Ms Pearl Yu IHRP Board Member

Ms. Pearl Yu

Director, Marketing & Human Resource, Keystone Cable Singapore

Profile image Ms Low Peck Kem IHRP Board Member

Ms. Low Peck Kem (IHRP-MP)

CHRO & Sr Director (Workforce Development), Public Services Division (PSD), Prime Minister’s Office

Profile image Mr Danny Lien IHRP Board Member

Mr. Danny Lien

Managing Director, AMOS International

Profile Image Dr Lim Boon Huat IHRP Board Member

Dr. Lim Boon Huat

Managing Director, Rohde & Schwarz Asia Pte Ltd

Profile image Mr Andrew Chan IHRP Board Member

Mr. Andrew Chan

Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Soup Spoon

Profile image Ms Teo Lay Lim IHRP Board Member

Ms. Teo Lay Lim

Senior Managing Director, Accenture

Ms. Julia Ng

Group Director, Enterprise Development Group, WSG

Profile image Mr Michael Jenkins IHRP Board Member

Mr. Michael Jenkins

CEO, Human Capital Leadership Institute

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