Human Capital Diagnostic Tool

About Human Capital Diagnostic Tool (HCDT)

The HCDT is the national HC diagnostic tool led by WSG and MOM, to help organisations gain valuable insights on the Human Capital Maturity of your organisation. The HCDT replaces the HR Maturity Diagnostic (HRMD) tool, previously managed by Enterprise Singapore, with effect from January 2019.

The HCDT is built upon the HRMD and incorporates features to allow a comprehensive diagnostic approach on HC competencies and perception of HC practices. The tool will holistically assess your organisation’s state of HR across 11 key HC process areas.

The HCDT offers insights from three perspectives:

Process Fact/ Evidence-based understanding

An assessor would conduct a strategic discussion with the CEO and Head of HR of the organisation, and a joint study with your HR Team on organisation’s existing HC processes

Competencies Perception-based understanding

Management and HR Team are surveyed for how competent they perceive their organisation to be in HC capabilities

Practices Perception-based understanding

Employees are surveyed for how effective their organisation is in HC practices

HCDT Application Procedure

The HCDT is a whole-of-government effort and serves to facilitate the initiatives managed by the various government/ agencies.

Organisations which are interested in undergoing the HCDT assessment may consider contacting the following agencies to speak about schemes that involve HCDT.

Option A: I would like to undergo HCDT assessment as part of a specific government/agency initiative

Step 1: Apply for a government/agency initiative*

a) Singapore National Employers Federation (In support of WSG and SSG programmes)

b) Enterprise Singapore

c) Ministry of Manpower (Oneworkplace.sg)

* IHRP can assist to link your company up with the relevant agencies if needed

Step 2: The various agencies will work with your organisation to proceed with the next stage of HCDT assessment

Option B: I would like to undergo HCDT assessment separate from government/agency initiatives

1. Contact IHRP at hcdiagnostics@ihrp.sg for more information.


The Human Capital Diagnostics Tool (HCDT) is a comprehensive yet simple-to-use organisational “health check” for companies of all sizes. Using insights from the diagnostics, organisations can make informed human capital decisions, such as where to invest their resources in order to better meet the needs of the business and its workforce.

The HCDT uses a 4-Stage maturity model. At each successive level of maturity, the HR function improves its functional efficiencies, talent management capabilities, organisational capabilities, and business impact. The higher an organisation’s maturity stage, the more sophisticated its processes and practices and the better positioned it will be in meeting business challenges.

The tool is currently complimentary for companies that undergo HCDT as part of specific govt initiatives, e.g. HCP, SFE, etc. Walk-in companies (without any govt initiatives) will be charged $1275 for the assessment, $200 per organization report, and $125 for the optional HCPS. All prices exclusive of GST.

The tool generates human capital recommendations based on one of the four possible Growth Stages, to help leaders prioritise their human capital process improvement efforts. In dialogue with a trained assessor, leaders can further align these recommendations to their organisation’s strategy.

Organisations can then embark on human capital projects to improve areas highlighted.

The assessment process is 2-day commitment during which assessors will speak with the CEO and HR Director and review policy documents (First day), followed by a share back of assessment results to CEO (Second day)

Assessors will also need to communicate with the HR staff prior to the first session to prepare them for the policy documents review on their first visit.

For any other enquiries

Contact us at  hcdiagnostics@ihrp.sg for more information