Assessments Overview

Assessment by certification level

Find out the papers you need to take for your certification level:

For this certification level
You will need to take
IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP) Papers A and B
IHRP Senior Professional (IHRP-SP) Papers A and C
IHRP Master Professional (IHRP-MP) There will be no Papers for this certificate level (by nomination only).Assessment will take the form of a structured Professional Dialogue (face-to-face, panel format)

What is covered

Find out the requirements for each paper.


To help you prepare, a list of sample questions have been provided for your reference. These questions should only be used as a guideline for understanding how questions may appear on the exam.

Certification level: IHRP-CP, IHRP-SP, IHRP-CA

Duration 90 minutes

Labour policies and legislation:

  • Employment Act
  • Employment of Foreign Manpower Act
  • Work Pass rules
  • Fair Consideration Framework (FCF)
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF)
  • IR Act (including Tripartism and Employee Relations)
  • Retirement and Re-employment Act
  • Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA)
Reference Materials
Structure 30 MCQs
  • Open-book assessment (links to the respective legislations will be provided).
  • Legislation will be covered in the context of a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and will be application-based. Hence, you don’t need to memorise the labour policies and legislations.

See sample questions for Paper A.

Certification level: IHRP-CP

Duration 2 hours
Coverage Functional and foundational competencies, focus on Mindsets and Behaviours
  • 6 scenarios
  • Each scenario will have 4-6 MCQs
  • Total of 30 MCQs
  • Closed-book assessment
  • Questions will be application-based

See sample questions for Paper B.

Certification level: IHRP-SP

Duration 3 hours
Coverage Functional and foundational competencies, focus on Mindsets and Behaviours
  • 3 scenarios
  • Each scenario will have 4 short-answer questions
  • Total of 12 short-answer questions
  • Closed-book assessment
  • Questions will be application-based

Key Information on Paper C

  • Each question has a maximum attainable score established which will be visible to you. It will be further broken down into the marks allocated for Operational Application and Strategic Application
  • More marks are assigned for Strategic Application as compared to Operational Application
  • Each question is stand alone. This means that it should be taken purely on its own merits and information provided in the case scenario and question, not in reference to other questions from the same case

Guidelines and Tips for Paper C

  • Time yourself based on the marks allocated per question, it is easy to get carried away in finding the perfect solution
  • Ensure you have a healthy mix of strategic and operational application in your answer
  • Your answer may be in bullet points OR as a paragraph according to your preference
  • The context of the business is provided in the case and will help you understand the situation the company is in (e.g. if you are working for a start-up or MNC or the public sector). It will also tell you what your role in that company is. It is important to keep in mind the case context as you think of the answer, as the best answer considers the situation & complication listed in the case
  • There will be no negative marking for spelling or grammatical mistakes but a clear, concise and comprehensible answer will help your marker


See sample questions for Paper C.

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