Job Redesign Centre of Excellence (JRCoE) is the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP)’s one-stop centre to equip enterprises with the capability to undertake business and workforce transformation through job redesign.


We enable enterprises through job redesign, and uplift the workforce by creating higher-value jobs. By reshaping roles and rethinking productivity, job redesign unlocks a world of growth and opportunities.

Key Benefits Of Job Redesign

In the face of rapid digital transformation in today’s Industry 4.0—job redesign is how your organisation stays agile and competitive.

Optimise manpower,

work processes and


Attract a wider talent

pool and improve

employee retention


productivity and


Capability Development Workshops

Take part in our Capability Development Workshop to learn more about job redesign first-hand.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming workshops.

JRCoE is prepared to organise additional workshops in response to significant demand.

June 2024


Job Redesign

Workshop For HR


July 2024


Job Redesign

Workshop For Food

Services Sector

August 2024


Job Redesign

Workshop For

Wholesale Trade Sector

August 2024


Job Redesign

Workshop For HR


September 2024


Job Redesign

Workshop For

Retail Sector

October 2024


Job Redesign

Workshop For

Construction Sector

November 2024


Job Redesign

Workshop For

Manufacturing Sector


Job redesign across sectors

JRCoE Vision & Mission



A centre of Expertise in Accelerating Workforce Transformation



Enabling enterprises through job redesign, uplifting the workforce, and creating higher value jobs

Our JR Expert Panel

The JRCoE is guided by a Job Redesign (JR) Expert Panel comprising the Ministry of Manpower, National Trades Union Congress, Singapore National Employers Federation, academics and industry-recognised professionals from the HR, Legal and Business community.

Our Key Industry Partners