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IHRP Learning Journey Map

IHRP Learning Journey Map

6 core future ready HR skills

IHRP’s Learning & Development Strategy for the community aims to uplift HR capabilities and enable HR to be a more effective strategic advisor to the business. IHRP strives to offer a technology-enabled, multi-modal and bite-sized learning experiences for our IHRP Community through curating resources and programming that helps the community deepen their knowledge across future-ready HR focus areas.

Signal future ready HR skills

The awareness and application of new technologies in HR such as chat-bots, AI and machine learning, blockchain, etc.

The clear understanding and articulation of the business problem and how to leverage analytical insights and predictive data to inform and validate business decision making.

Tools to steer organisational culture and change management such as Design Thinking, Learning Agility, Global & Cultural Effectiveness.

Agile HR models coupled with business and financial acumen to drive both business value and HR solutions – cost efficiency, innovation, internationalisation, talent attraction & retention.

Articulating your organisation’s Employee Value Proposition and leveraging social medial platforms and digital communications tools to manage/engage stakeholders.

Fair and progressive practices (e.g. Tripartite Standards) and Labour Policies & Legislation updates (e.g. upcoming EA update), as well as HR compliance and governance.

Community of Practices (CoP) Learning Journeys

IHRP partners with CoP taskforce members from our IHRP community, to co-create and curate Learning Journey Maps and rich programming on HR hot topics. These CoP Learning Journey Programmes ensure that our IHRP certified professionals are always kept updated on the latest trends and have direct access to content, tools, subject matter experts and best practice sharings.

People Analytics
Profile image Jaclyn Lee IHRP Committee Member
HR has always been the custodian of large quantum of data. HR function now needs to make qualitative use of this data and bring workforce related business foresight to the organisations. With increased computer prowess in the digital age, information flow is moving at a faster rate and in large quantities. HR professionals would need to be able to analyse and make sense of the large quantity of data that they receive and be able to present a point of view from the organisation’s perspective.

Dr. Jaclyn Lee (IHRP-MP) CHRO, SUTD

Learning journey program roadmap image of people analytics
Progressive & Inclusive HR Practices
Profile image of Yeo Meng Hin IHRP Committee Member
Practicing progressive and inclusive HR is key to creating a workplace that helps your employees to perform to their full potential. As HR professionals, we need to promote the adoption of such practices and to ensure engagement, productivity and regulatory compliance.

Yeo Meng Hin (IHRP-MP) Director, Group HR Keppel Corp. Ltd

Learning journey program roadmap image of progressive and inclusive hr practices

* Other CoP Learning Journeys will be up soon.

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