Our Management

Our Management

Profile image of Mayank Parekh Chief Executive Officer of IHRP

Mayank Parekh
Chief Executive Officer

Mayank has over 20 years of experience in regional, global HR and general management roles prior to joining Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) as CEO in June 2017.

Profile image of Hiew Wui Sin Chief Information Officer of IHRP

Hiew Wui Sin
Chief Information Officer

Wui Sin has over 28 years in Transformation, Global IT management experience spanning Program Management, Shared Services and Consulting. Most notably, he has over 13 years of senior leadership capacity, driving Digital strategies and managing a diverse team across multiple countries.

Profile image of Karina Kuok Head of Professional Practices for IHRP

Karina Kuok
Head, Professional Practices

Karina has over 15 years of HR consulting and marketing experience in the U.S.A. and Asia Pacific. Prior to joining IHRP in March 2017, she was at Deloitte Consulting SEA, where Karina worked on business transformation change and talent management projects across SEA and ASPAC.

Profile image of Serene Teh Head of Corporate Planning & Budgeting for IHRP

Serene Teh
Head, Corporate Planning & Budgeting

Serene has been with the government sector for over 17 years, with 9 years of experience in HR sector development.

Profile image of Jocelyn Wun Head of Operations & Corporate Services for IHRP

Jocelyn Wun
Head, Operations & Corporate Services

Jocelyn comes with 7 years’ experience as the Human Capital Leadership Institute’s (HCLI) Head of Admin and Operations, where her management scope spanned across the core corporate enabling functions, key development projects as well as the event implementation.

Profile image of Keith Qian Head of Assessment & Insights for IHRP

Keith Qian
Head, Assessment & Insights

Keith has over 10 years of experience running national, ASEAN-China selection and assessment programmes as a specialist leader. He joined Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) as Head, Assessment & Insights in May 2017.

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