IHRP Conferment Ceremony | 11th October 2019

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The Conferment Ceremony for Certified and Senior Professionals on 11 October 2019 saw over 400 HR professionals reach a milestone in their career by successfully attaining the IHRP certification. They were conferred by Ms Low Peck Kem, IHRP-MP, Chief HR Officer and Senior Director (Workforce Development), Public Service Division.

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“It should be our goal that all organisations in Singapore will one day have certified professionals to be the custodians of the induction and career development of its most valuable resource – people,” IHRP CEO Mayank Parekh said during his opening address.

However, the key to maintaining this professionalism is through learning and development. IHRP provides a technology enabled, multimodal platform, IHRP Connect that serves to develop our community of certified professionals in future-ready HR skills.

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Our Guest-of-Honor, Ms Low Peck Kem, gave a keynote address; ‘Future of Work: Uplifting HR capabilities to prepare the workforce to be ready for the future’.

“Gone are the days that HR was confined to admin work, processing payroll and complying with labor laws,” she said.

Human Resources (HR) is no longer a one-career track, she reminds us. With the ever-changing workforce, we now seek to create greater productive longevity, inclusive workplaces that meet diverse needs and demands, high focus on employee engagement, and leverage technology as an enabler.

Ms Low shared the SkillsFuture Framework for HR that was jointly developed by SSG, WSG, MOM and supported by IHRP. This initiative was developed to promote skills mastery and lifelong learning and is an integral component of the HR Industry Manpower Map.

This is just one of the many initiatives to help tackle our changing needs.

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We would once again like to congratulate our certified HR professionals from various sectors as well as our 31 SkillsFuture Study Award winners. We wish for their continued success and development in their careers.

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