IHRP’s journey towards Remote Assessments!

IHRP’s journey towards Remote Assessments!

IHRP is proud to announce another milestone achieved in our certification journey – remote assessments will be now available from July 2020 onwards. This will not only give candidates greater convenience and flexibility, but also extend IHRP’s reach to offer its gold-standard HR certification assessments to a global candidate pool.

The intent of any professional certification programme is to evaluate the competencies of practitioners seeking credentials to reflect and attest to their knowledge and competencies against a defined set of standards. For HR professionals, IHRP certification provides internationally recognised credentials based on future-ready competencies, mindsets and behaviours. For employers, certification provides assurance that the professional possesses the necessary competencies, knowledge and professional values to meet increasing business challenges.

With so much at stake, certification assessments require rigour, fairness, and transparency. The challenge therefore was to ensure that remote assessments continue to meet these high standards while at the same time are credible, valid and reliable. Candidates should have the assurance that IHRP certification remains a reliable and robust measure of their knowledge and competencies at a time when the global COVID-19 pandemic necessitates providing a safe environment for all certification candidates.

After exhaustive research and pilot tests, we are confident to offer a remote assessment platform that is user-friendly, stable and meets industry-leading standards.

Here is a primer on everything you need to know about IHRP’s remote assessments or click here to begin your certification journey today!

We look forward to continuing to support you on your certification journey.

1. What are remote assessments?

Unlike traditional exams where candidates are gathered in a test room with a proctor, remote assessments allow candidates to undergo certification at the convenience of their home or office. With the use of audio-visual technologies, candidates are monitored through their webcam during the session.

The use of webcam as a proctoring solution has been around for several years given the trend in e-learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). However, COVID-19 has accelerated this shift to remote assessment. The adoption of remote assessments is also observed in many of the Institutes for Higher Learning in Singapore to avoid disruption to examination schedules.

2. How does it work?

To preserve the integrity and security of our assessment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are deployed to detect any examination fraud:

  • Face recognition features to prevent impersonation
  • Voice recognition and fingerprinting features to detect additional voice
  • Environment scan to ensure that the room meets the test room requirements
  • Secured browser to prevent candidates from toggling to any other sites during the assessment
  • Disabling of copy and paste function
  • Watermarking of individual candidate’s test page to track source of question leakage
  • Over 17 automated checks to detect any suspicious activities

Full video and audio log of all candidates are available for review by the IHRP team

3. What are the test room requirements?

Candidates would need to set up the test room before the assessment day to ensure that it fulfils the following requirements:

4. What do I need to take note of during the assessment?

5. How is my data protected?

IHRP’s assessment systems are fully compliant to the data security compliance standards such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO 27001. Candidates will be asked to acknowledge and provide consent for the video and audio recording of the entire assessment session. IHRP will have full access to these recordings. All recordings and data will be kept for 1 year and subsequently removed from the database.

Click here for more information on remote assessment option or feel free to contact us at assessment@ihrp.sg