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IHRP Covid-19 Support Package for SMEs

Looking at how to navigate your company through the “new normal” and emerge stronger?

SMEs are taking advantage of this “downtime” to reset their processes and lay a strong foundation for future. Tap on IHRP’s expertise to invest in progressive Human Capital practices to attract and develop your talents and improve staff engagement and retention.

IHRP is the HR professional body backed by the tripartite partners, MOM, SNEF and NTUC to be an internationally recognised HR authority, defining HR standards of excellence and leading the adoption of progressive Human Capital practices. This initiative supports businesses’ efforts to build a strong set of Human Capital process that will help drive sustainable business outcomes.

i. Align HR to Business Strategy – Transform your HR practices to develop a more agile workforce, with a common understanding of business goals and direction

ii. HC Diagnostic Tool (HCDT) – Assess and benchmark your organisation’s readiness for productivity improvements, automation & digitisation, internationalisation, and sustainable growth using IHRP-trained Assessor to review current human capital processes.

iii. HC Mentorship Programme – Implement a Roadmap in 3 critical human capital process areas with the help of IHRP Mentors.

iv. IHRP Corporate Partner – Join our community of certified professionals for curated best HR practices resources, access to talents through IHRP Job Portal and exclusive events organised by IHRP. Click here to find out more.

*Terms and Conditions for the IHRP Support Package


1. This IHRP Support Package is complimentary for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that meet all of the criteria below:

  • Locally owned Singapore incorporated company  with <200 employees and/or less than $100m in revenue size
  • Has in employment or contracted at least one IHRP Certified HR Professional (IHRP-CA, IHRP-CP, IHRP-SP and IHRP-MP)
  • Willing to pledge support for IHRP Certification as a preferred hiring criteria for HR positions


2. Companies not eligible for complimentary services under the above criteria can still enjoy this SME Support Package at an introductory price. Please contact us via the link button above or email in to hcdiagnostics@ihrp.sg for more details.


3. Companies can avail themselves to various government grants, subsidies and schemes, if eligible. Whilst IHRP would connect, direct and assist you to the relevant available grants, subsidies and schemes (collectively referred to as the “Available Grants”) offered by the relevant government agencies in Singapore, this is further subject to its respective qualifying conditions, criteria, assessments and pre-requisites and IHRP shall not be liable for the success of any application as each application will be assessed on its own merits, and such approval is solely at the discretion of the relevant government agencies.


Limitation of Liability and Data Privacy:


1. Neither IHRP, nor any of its officers, directors, employees or agents shall have any liability to you or any of its directors or shareholders for any losses or expenses, or any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages sustained by you or any of its directors or shareholders, arising from any act or omission of IHRP pursuant to the use of IHRP SME Support Package.

2. Save as expressly stated otherwise in this Terms & Conditions, to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, IHRP is not liable for any loss or damage incurred directly or indirectly from the services under this Package (including any privacy obligations that you may have as a recipient of the data provided). Do note our Privacy Policy that is available at https://www.ihrp.sg/privacy-policy/. IHRP would only provide advice and counsel, on a best effort basis and to the best of IHRP’s ability, based on available information, for your convenience and reference only, and if such advice contain information of services of certain third-party services, you will make your own independent assessment before you engage those vendors.

3. You will ensure, in your best endeavours, that you have obtained the necessary consent from the counterparties for any collection or use of any personal data (as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act, if applicable), collected by you, your affiliate, agent or representative when such information is made available on this site. This information that you have disclosed to us shall be strictly for the provision of IHRP SME Support Package.

4. The company’s CEO/appointed representative will be solely responsible for agreement to the final components of the SME Support Package (1 – 3 support areas under the HR Mentorship). Once the scope of work is confirmed and finalised, the assigned mentor would work closely with the appointed HR representative to deliver agreed scope of work within the stipulated period.


Please feel free to contact us at hcdiagnostics@ihrp.sg for any further enquiries.