Gartner Virtual Sharing Session – Change Management: Open Source Change: Making Change Management Work

Date & Time
4 October 2019

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“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” –Charles Darwin Hosted by Gartner and in partnership with IHRP and TAFEP, Ms Rina Ong-Liebnitz, Director (Senior Executive Advisor) of Gartner’s Asia Pacific HR Practice, hosted a sharing session last week on hashtagChangeManagement. At the session entitled ‘Open Source Change: Making Change Management Work’, she shared that involving employees in the co-creation process will smoothen and accelerate change implementation. By involving employees early on, they feel more engaged that their contributions matter and they have better clarity on why the change is necessary. Through an open source change approach, organisations can almost double the probability of success of their change initiatives; increasing it by as much as 24% whilst cutting down implementation time by as much as a third.

Topics covered:

  • Why change continues to be a challenge for organisations and how HR can influence success in the change process
  • Definition of Open Source Change and what is different in the approach to change
  • How to implement an Open Source Change approach in the 3 areas of Strategy Creation, Implementation Planning and Communications
  • Best practices from organisations that have adopted Open Source Change strategies

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