Human Resources Online: Learning & Development Asia Conference 2019


On 17 and 18 September 2019, Human Resources Online hosted a conference—Learning & Development Asia. The event saw HR Professionals and leading L&D strategists coming together to explore the world of learning and development through a series of exclusive case study presentations.

Our Head of Professional Practices, Karina Kuok, shared a presentation on the second day of the conference.

Through her presentation—Continuing Professional Development: Connecting HR Professionals on a Shared Learning Journey, Karina shared her ‘Illuminate-Inspire-Involve’ approach to curating resources to engage and spark learner interest in HR professionals.


1. Illuminate

We share a curated list of learning content and programming on IHRP’s mobile app— IHRP Connect. The app is a learning platform for certified members of the HR community and the content we share helps keep HR professionals updated on HR hot topics.

We identified six key areas—People Analytics, HR Technologies, Progressive & Inclusive HR Practices, Organisation Culture & Change Management, Engagement & Communication, and Business & Financial Acumen, and base our content off of them.


2. Inspire

We also want to inspire our HR professionals by promoting peer learning and sharing amongst the IHRP certified community. IHRP Connect also allows for certified members of the HR community to post queries and have discussions on HR topics.

We have about 450 posts and questions to date, in relation to HR topics such as:

  • Sales Commissions and Benefits comparisons
  • Benefits and Leave Entitlements
  • EA clarifications
  • Employment Claims Tribunal
  • Employee Dismissal/Termination

Our certified community has also been active in sharing case studies based on HR practices implemented for their organisations. We are extremely proud that one of our IHRP senior professionals has proactively set up a grassroots meet-up group, where they get together monthly to discuss various hot topics such as recruitment tools, performance management and HRIS platforms.


3. Involve

Lastly, we involve our HR community by creating meaningful opportunities for certified professionals to contribute and give back to the HR community and economy.

IHRP is in the midst of creating a platform where we connect the demand from the government and relevant agencies who are looking for HR professionals to contribute back to national initiatives.


Through these programmes and initiatives, IHRP hopes to help certified professionals learn the best practices and gather insights from industry leading companies and continue professional development.

To find out more on how you can be part of the IHRP community, and to learn more about best practices, visit https://www.ihrp.sg

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