IHRP and SHRM Strategic Partnership Event

Creating Better Workplaces for Tomorrow: Strategic Partnership between IHRP and SHRM

The Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) is signing a MOU with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR membership organisation based in USA, on 7 August 2019.

SHRM is the world’s largest HR membership organisation based in USA. As the industry leader in HR professional development, SHRM has supported more than 100,000 employers representing 140 million employees worldwide. For more than 65 years, HR professionals worldwide look to SHRM for comprehensive resources to enhance their effectiveness on the job, to develop their careers, and to partner strategically with business leaders and stakeholders.

As HR professional bodies, both SHRM and IHRP share a common purpose to create better workplaces for tomorrow.

The strategic partnership enables certified professionals from IHRP and SHRM to enjoy recognition and benefits from both organisations. Leveraging on the combined strengths of two prestigious HR professional bodies will prepare HR professionals to get ready and stay ahead of developments in HR practices, allowing them to be key enablers for their organisations.

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