6 Steps to Developing a Strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

6 Steps to Developing a Strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Employee value proposition (EVP) is a set of values, beliefs, support and benefits that an employer is willing to commit to its employees to build a strong and loyal employer-employee
relationship. Prospective employees are attracted by a convincing EVP that matches their personal values and beliefs before being motivated to join the organisation.

The components of EVP normally encompass a set of monetary and non-monetary benefits and may include the support system to help employees excel in their work and progress in their career. EVP can be understood as the reason why an employee would want to work in a particular organisation as opposed to finding employment somewhere else.

EVP has become more prominently critical to an organisation’s success in attracting the best talent in recent years and has become even more so during the pandemic. This trend will persist even after COVID-19. For example, the importance of EVP in attracting the right talent has been demonstrated in the past few years as the demand for skills in new and emerging technologies surged, not just by technology firms but also industrial, commercial and government organisations.

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