IHRP x LinkedIn: Learning Journey – Post Event

Date & Time
20 August 2019

“The world of work is changing… we have moved from the world of worrying about employee loyalty to worrying about employee engagement. Now, we want to worry about employee experience.” —Josh Bersin, Founder of Bersin & Associates.

At a learning journey co-hosted by LinkedIn Singapore on 20 August 2019, Low Ann Ann (Director, Learning & Development Asia Pacific Region, LinkedIn) held a sharing session on growth mindset and why organisations should encourage it.

Step zero to cultivating learning curiosity within organisations, was to understand the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, she shared.

A fixed mindset suggests that people’s abilities are innate and unchangeable. People with this mindset tend to give up easily and view failure as permanent. On the other hand, people with a growth mindset believe in the power of learning and see failure as a chance to improve.

Ann Ann quoted Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford University, who has done immense research on growth mindset: “Praising intelligence tells people that they do not have to work hard to perform well. Praising effort and process tells people that performance is the result of hard work.”

Our certified professionals were also reminded that mindsets are dynamic. The growth and fixed mindsets are on a continuum and people cannot solely be labeled by one or the other. Finding out where our interests lay, or what has stopped us in trying to learn will help us learn where our mindsets lie on this continuum for different aspects.

The learning journey concluded with a workplace tour around the LinkedIn Singapore office. With the likes of a video game machine and meeting rooms named after iconic local landmarks and food, LinkedIn showed how a growth mindset can be encouraged through creative workspaces that undeniably improve employee experience and boost creativity.

What our Certified Professionals said:

“The learning journey is useful and very informative, it helps us keep in touch with what is happening in the industry and learn from other senior leaders.”

By Archana Srinivasan, (IHRP-SP), Atkins

“The sharing session was very insightful—it allowed for me to see how there are different cultures in different companies, and how they can add value to the company. The topic of Growth Mindsets is very relevant because this concept can be brought into real-life situations.”

By Kathleen Tan, (IHRP-SP), Allium Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd

We would like to express our thanks to LinkedIn for co-hosting the learning journey together with IHRP.

The IHRP Learning Journey is part of the on-going initiatives to help certified professionals learn the best practices and gather insights from industry leading companies, as well as earn Continuing Professional Development hours for recertification.

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