U HR Leaders Forum 2017 | 16 Nov 2017

Date & Time
16 Oct 2017 8:30AM to 5:00PM

Stephen Riady Auditorium @ NTUC, 1 Marina Boulevard, Level 7, S018989

As HR Professionals, we have to move beyond our traditional competencies to be more effective people enablers so we are more competent in looking after our working people.

Join us at the U HR Leaders Forum 2017 to engage and exchange ideas with thought leaders, discover the IHRP Certification through an experiential-focused workshop, as well as to learn about HR tech trends and startup solutions presented in a speed pitch style.

Special rates for IHRP community at only $99 (u.p. $299). Click here to register.

Keynote Presentation >> What Your CEO Expects of You!

Speaker: Mr. Sunil Puri, Director – Asia Pacific, Research, Innovation, and Product Development, Centre for Creative Leadership

Shifting of mind-sets and skill sets is inevitable for the survivability of HR and success of the HR leader. In addition to grit and growth mind-set, your CEO expects you to demonstrate a ‘lean forward’ attitude vis-à-vis technology, analytics, business partnering, ‘crucible’ responsibilities, and customer/employee centricity. Gain revealing insights, on what mind-sets and skills will make you successful as an HR leader in the future!

Lightning Talk >> The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Today’s Organisation

Speaker: Ms. Karen Loon, Financial Services Assurance Partner, and Territory Diversity Leader, PwC Singapore

Over the last decade, Singapore’s workforce has become increasingly diverse. Employees from different nationalities and cultures often work together in the same organisation. With such workforce diversity, it becomes important for organisations to put in place policies and practices to build an inclusive and harmonious workplace.

C-Suite 2×2 Series Plenary >> The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation


Mr. Andrew Lim, Group Chief Financial Officer, CapitaLand Limited
Ms. Angela Ryan, Chief HR and Talent Officer, GroupM APAC
Ms. Pallavi Srivastava, Asia Pacific & GCG Talent Leader, IBM Global Technology Services
Ms. Siew Yim Cheng, Chief Information Officer, JTC


Mr. Patrick Tay, Assistant Secretary-General, Director, NTUC Legal Services, Director, Future Jobs, Skills & Training

Digital transformation is often pigeonholed as an IT topic, but it is not. If done right, digital transformation affects the entire enterprise. It might start with a well-prepared CIO, fueling the company with new tools and the simplification of processes. But because of the potentially huge impact on the entire company, the strategy needs to be directed from the top down.

Should a digital transformation involve transitioning to an “as a service” business, all C-level executives will need to direct change. The CFO, CHRO, COO, and CMOs must adapt, since their key areas – financials, people, production, and sales and marketing – will all be affected. We will hear from our thought-leaders on how they established the right approach, platform, and roadmap for each C-Suite leader to play during the transition of digitalization for a multigeneration and multicultural workplace.

Unpacking the IHRP Certification >> Onsite Assessment: Knowledge and Application

By: Institute for Human Resource Professionals

Established as a HR professional body, the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) sets the benchmark for the competencies and behaviours of future-ready HR professionals through the national HR certification framework. It does so by certifying competent HR professionals through a ‘gold standard’ IHRP Certification, endorsed by the industry and tripartite partners.

HR professionals who step forward would not only gain recognition for their mastery over their HR skillsets, but attaining this certification also serves as a testament to your competence and experience in delivering positive business results. A key stage of certification is Stage 2: the knowledge and application assessment where candidates will go through scenario-based questions to demonstrate the skills, mindsets and behaviours that are crucial to an effective and successful HR function.

Join us at this experiential-focused workshop as we unpack the dos and don’ts in stage 2, as well as what to expect during the onsite assessment. You could even try your hand on writing some assessment questions during the 75 mins workshop!

U Startup HR Tech Exchange >> Why Go Digital?

As technology continues to evolve, so will the role of HR in their respective organisational structure. With digital transformation at the heart of many organisations today, HR professionals should harness the necessary digital capabilities to demonstrate the importance of HR and people to business success.

The HR Tech Exchange will showcase how various HR tech trends – such as AI, chatbots, SaaS, data analytics, gamification and more – can enable talent and organisational success in the following areas:

• Compensation and Benefits – Better monitor HR finances and ROI through an automated benefits administration system
• Employee Engagement – Instil employees’ sense of belonging and empowerment through data analytics and real-time access to information
• Learning and Development – Deliver learning content to employees in an engaging and timely manner through mobile learning and gamification

Exchange Ideas and Business Cards!

At this HR Tech Exchange, startup solutions will be presented in a speed pitch style. Much like speed dating, you will get to meet several startups addressing your areas of concern in a short timeframe. The round tables setting also forms a more conducive environment for you to assess potential match of solution to your company’s HR needs, as well as facilitates a healthy debate and exchange of ideas on similar case studies with like-minded HR industry peers.

If you like the ideas and solutions recommended by the HR tech startups, get connected and go digital with your HR solutions at this platform. Companies who are keen to leverage HR Tech for their human capital solutions can tap on SPRING Singapore’s Capability Development Grant (CDG) for support. For more information on CDG, you could drop your enquiries at hcd@spring.gov.sg

Who should attend: Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO) and Chief Officers (CxO), HR practitioners, HR Consultants, HR academia and learning centre and management partners

Special Rates for IHRP Community ($99 instead of $299)

For a limited time only, get your tickets at only $99. Click here for register.

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