9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks by DPM Heng, SMS Zaqy, IHRP Chairperson, SHRI President, followed by IHRP-MP Conferment Ceremony

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9:30 AM

Panel Dialogue

Panel Dialogue on “HR as a Key Enabler for Workforce and Workplace Transformation” (featuring IHRP’s newly conferred IHRP-MPs)

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10:40 AM

Preview of IHRP BOC

Preview of IHRP’s refreshed Body of Competencies (BoC)

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11:20 AM

Ecosystem Showcase – HR Roundtable People Behind People

This presentation looks at the work of the HR Roundtable in advocating for and promoting the HR profession as well as enhancing capability development of HR professionals. Presented by Cynthia Lee (Chief Human Resource Officer, Yishun Health) and Syed Ali Abbas (Chief Strategy Officer, Epitome)

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11:40 AM

Ecosystem Showcase by HRM Asia

As the world is settling into the new norm of work, there are still many uncertainties on how the workplace and workforce will evolve as we head in 2021. Join us to discover how HRM Asia is your go-to resource for supporting you and your HR teams as you navigate the challenges and opportunities for managing your workforce next year.

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Ecosystem Showcase by Korn Ferry – White Paper Findings on Agile Organisations

The enduring question that all business leaders are asking as we accelerate through this crisis, is how organisations can become faster, more productive, and more responsive. What does it really mean to be agile and resilient? And how can organisations instil specific leadership and human capital practices to transform for future success?

We engaged a group of business owners through strategic interviews and surveys; to help distil the ingredients that contributes to agile and resilient organisations. Does size matter when it comes to agility and resilience? What are the leadership traits that helps promote agility in times of crisis?

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Ecosystem Showcase by NUS ISS – Essential Skills for HR Leading Digitalisation

This presentation highlights the essential digitalisation skills such as Innovation and Design, complex problem solving, process reengineering, data storytelling and driving value from digital technologies that can empower HR and Human Capital leaders to develop and implement meaningful people management practices to support digital transformation in their organisations.

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Ecosystem Showcase by People Matters

Explore the People Matters ROAR model of transformation, innovation, and impact. Learn more about the ethos of experimenting on the HOW, while keeping true to the WHO and the WHAT, helped People Matters launch state of the art products like People Matters Sandbox and BeNext.

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Ecosystem Showcase by Singapore Polytechnic

Enhancing Employee Experience with Energy Management, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the employee experience all over the world. Organisations will need to find strategies and ways to enhance the employee experience of a hybrid workforce in the near future. This session explores how you can leverage on Energy Management, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology to help employees thrive at work and in life.

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Ecosystem Showcase by SMU Academy – HR Leaders As Architects For The Future Workforce

Executives face an array of challenges that must be addressed simultaneously. In this session, SHRM will be sharing their latest research on how HR leaders can leverage on the lessons of disruption to be an architect for the future workforce, and the learning program that they are launching together with IHRP and SMU Academy to support and prepare HR leaders in doing.

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12:00 PM

Lunch Break

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1:00 PM

Digital Fishbowl 1 with EY – Agility

This session explores what the unprecedented times have taught us about our workforce transformation and HR transformation future roadmap which has Human @ Center, Technology @ Speed and Innovation @ Scale.

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Digital Fishbowl 2 with PwC – Agility

In PwC’s Digital Fishbowl, we will facilitate an electrifying debate on ‘Agility’ – across operating models, organisation design, ways of working, mindsets and the HR function. By nourishing the combined genius of the room, we are excited to articulate the importance of ‘Agility’ in a post-COVID environment, identify key implications for organisations in Singapore and define imperatives to immediately focus on.

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Digital Fishbowl 3 with Accenture – Wellbeing

Do you care to do better and leave your people and business Net Better Off? 

In this Digital Fishbowl with Accenture Facilitators, they will share powerful findings from their research interviewing 3,200 senior executives and 15,600+ workers spanning 15 industries and 10 countries, that point to how unlocking people’s potential can increase overall business performance. They will also share sweet spot practical tips that CHROs must architect for their business in collaboration with the entire C-suite.

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Digital Fishbowl 4 with Catalyse – Wellbeing

HR Practitioners have had a big year responding to the impact of COVID.

In this session, we will collectively explore the following questions:

  1. What wellbeing issues have HR practitioners had to deal with during this period when the line between home and the workplace is erased?
  2. What has the corporate response been to ensure the wellbeing of their employees during a particularly stressful period where managers and employees have less physical contact with each other?
  3. What opportunities does COVID provide for organisations to enhance the ways that they enable and support their employees to work remotely and productively during this period and for the longer term.

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Digital Fishbowl 5 with Mercer – Empathy and Economics

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded and led to an unprecedented economic crisis, employers have had to confront myriad of questions about their people strategy across the entire organization, at every employee level, and for every component of rewards.

In this discussion, we will unpack the following:

  1. Why is it critical to get right?
  2. What interesting actions are you taking?
  3. What are the key implications?

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Digital Fishbowl 6 with WTW – Empathy and Economics

As organisations address the longer-term implications of COVID-19, it is imperative to focus on the needs of all stakeholders — from customers to suppliers to shareholders and, specifically, employees to ensure no one is left behind.

This discussion will focus on how the current environment presents opportunities to take bold and sometimes counterintuitive actions and the challenges faced when trying to balance what seems like two competing imperatives.

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2:00 PM

Reflections and Closing

Plenary Share Back

Concluding Remarks/ Participant Reflections

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