IHRP Knowledge Bank FAQs

What is the Knowledge Bank?

The IHRP Knowledge Bank is a one-stop online portal on everything HR. It contains curated information on a host of human capital related topics ranging from talent attraction and retention to hybrid work arrangements.

How can I access the IHRP Knowledge Bank?

The Knowledge Bank can be accessed directly from myHR.sg

How is the information on IHRP Knowledge Bank collated?

The IHRP Knowledge Bank is collated by experts and HR practitioners based on the IHRP Body of Competencies (BOC) as well as the IHRP Playbooks.

How can I provide feedback on the IHRP Knowledge Bank?

You may submit a feedback form here

How can I contribute my content to the IHRP Knowledge Bank?

Please submit a request to XXXX with details of the content that you would like to share with the IHRP Community.

IHRP Playbooks FAQs

What are the IHRP Playbooks?

The IHRP playbooks include HR process, workflows, standard operating procedures, templates and case studies that shape a consistent response (HR plays) to identified business issues, challenges and themes (Business Plays).

Each specific Industry Playbook will aim to curate and consolidate Business and HR Plays that are relevant to the sector.

What are the playbooks that IHRP is developing?

IHRP is in the midst of developing a total of 5 Playbooks:

2 Industry Specific Playbooks

  • Food Services
  • Financial Services

3 Horizontal Playbooks (applicable across different sectors)

  • Hybrid workplaces
  • Work Transformation
  • Automation and Digitalization

Who are the stakeholders in the development of the playbook?

The Institute of Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) was commissioned by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to develop the playbook, with consultation with relevant sector agencies and business associations

IHRP is also working with HR professionals and business leaders in the sector to curate and review the content for the community

How can I or my organization participate in the development of the playbook

Please contact IHRP at hello@ihrp.sg to indicate your interest in participating in the development of the playbook.

IHRP would also like to encourage interested HR professionals to join our certified community for more in-depth discussion and sharing of the other HR topics through IHRP Connect.

When will it be launched? 

The playbooks will be rolled out in phases for trials and feedback. Please refer to IHRP’s social media channels for the latest news on Playbook launches.

Will more Sector specific Playbooks be developed?

IHRP is working with MOM, other sector agencies and our HR certified Community to review the need for more playbooks.