Form Staging

  • I have a formal HR-related qualification recognized by IHRP *
  • HR-related qualifications refer to tertiary education in HR, and includes:
    • Postgraduate (master’s & above) degree in HR-related course
    • Postgraduate diploma in HR-related course
    • Bachelor’s degree in HR-related course
    • Postgraduate/graduate/polytechnic diploma in HR-related course
    HR Related course refers to:
    • Organisational Behaviour/Organisational Development
    • HRM/Strategic HR/Human Capital Leadership/Development/Management
    • Management/Business with HR focus
    • Leadership Development/Training & Development/Human Development with HR focus
    • Industrial Relations
    • Personnel Management
    • I-O/Organisational/Occupational Psychology
    • Does not include Non-HR related degree with minor in HR
    • Does not include skill certificates with HR-related components
    HR-related training or education includes:
    • Tertiary education in other discipline but contains HR-related modules
    • HR-related training courses
    • HR conferences/seminars/workshops
    • HR-related internships
    • Internal HR Training (on-the-job trainings are excluded)
    • Online HR-related courses
    Count your total number of hours by:
    • Number of HR-related modules (25 hours per module) in tertiary education programme
    • Number of workshop/training/conference/seminar hours
    • Number of hours in the internship programme
    • DOES NOT INCLUDE on-the-job training
  • I confirm that I have read and agree to (i) the Terms and Use and (ii) IHRP Privacy Policy which sets out how my personal data will be collected, used, disclosed, and processed by the Institute for HR Professionals. *