IHRP Announces Partnership with Avvanz Pte Ltd

Date & Time

15 January 2020

Avvanz, a Gold-medal winning Employee Lifecycle Management company, with footprint around the globe, has partnered with Singapore-based Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) to provide a range of tech-enabled offerings and services for the benefit of the 2,000-strong IHRP Community of HR professionals.

The Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) was set-up to professionalise and strengthen the HR practice in Singapore. IHRP implements a number of national human capital development programmes, such as IHRP-MP®, IHRP-SP® and IHRP-CP® Certification levels, Skills Framework workshops and Human Capital Diagnostics Tool (HCDT®).

Avvanz’s Managing Director, Kannan Chettiar, explained that Avvanz’s technology-enabled Pre-Employment and In-Employment background checks offerings and Digital Transformation related Training and Consulting solutions will greatly add value to IHRP’s HR community. He added, “Given that wrongful hires from resume discrepancy are on the rise, companies are at risk of reputational and financial damage. Avvanz has worked with organizations around the globe to help them mitigate this critical risk. There have been several such high profile cases even in Singapore and hence the need for thorough background checks on job candidates.”

Mayank Parekh, CEO of IHRP, commented that conducting candidate background checks is an important responsibility for talent attraction professionals. Avvanz’s tech-enabled, multi-country capabilities will greatly help reduce the time taken and shorten hiring cycles. He added that Avvanz’s Digital Transformation solutions across multiple industries will empower the IHRP community to leverage complex and deep technologies like AI, Blockchain, RPA, Data Analytics and other Industry 4.0 technologies.

Kannan Chettiar reiterated that like Mayank, he too is extremely excited on this partnership as the partnership will boost the IHRP community’s talent attraction capabilities and digitally-enable their companies.