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Who can apply

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  • HR Professionals, Specialists & Consultants
  • Mid-Level Management in SMEs
  • IHRP-Certified Professionals
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How can my team benefit?

Upskill employees for strategic roles

Upskill employees for strategic roles

Nurture your HR staff to be trusted partners and workforce advisors in your business.

The IHRP advantage

The IHRP advantage

Courses are continuously improved with input from industry leaders to ensure the skills your staff acquire are up-to-date and compliant with industry standards.

No disruptions

No disruptions

The programme is designed to have less downtime and better results.

Accelerated pathways

Accelerated pathways

Put your HR team members on a fast track to IHRP’s Certified Professional certification. Earning 2 Skills Badges will exempt them from the Certified Professional Experience Assessment.

The badges

Get your team badged in these emerging HR topics

Each speciality area is aligned with competencies in IHRP’s Body of Competencies (BoC) and SkillsFuture Framework of HR.

People Analytics

Analyse statistics, business and employee modelling, and use data to make better business decisions.

Organisational Change

Explore how design thinking and iterative approaches can empower organisation-wide changes that impact business success.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Plan for current and future workforce demand and supply to meet strategic and organisational objectives for today and tomorrow.

HR Technology

Build the foundation for HR Management Systems and learn how to apply new technologies in an HR context.

Fair and Progressive Work Practices

Foster and monitor the equal recruitment and treatment of employees on the basis of merit

Business Partnering

Use business and financial acumen to drive strategic organisational value through people solutions

Data Led Talent Acquisition

Employ data-driven and technology-led methods to source and acquire skilled talent for organisational needs

People Experience

Maximise the quality of employee’s experience using an employee-centric view in all regards to the organisation

HR Consulting

Apply consulting process and core skills to provide insights on developing HR strategies and programmes for organisations

Digital Human Capital Transformation

Apply systems thinking, data skills, service design and transformation planning to deliver digitalisation projects for organisations

Future Workplace Architect

Apply business strategy, technology acumen and design principles to architect the transformation of work, workplace, and workforce

Talent Management

Applying the processes, systems and strategies to identify, attract, develop and engage high performing and high potential employees so as to create a pipeline of talent for leadership and other mission critical roles

Compensation and Benefits

Enable HR Generalists and new compensation professionals to support compensation programs through effective communications and decisions that will positively impact the worker experience and organisation’s bottom line.


Fresh badges, new skills. More to discover.

Workplace Investigation

Applying sound practices to manage workplace disputes and undertaking grievance management to ensure fair and concise reporting and outcomes

Business and Financial Acumen

Maintaining and applying financial and business management principles to create a positive impact in the organisation.

Employer Branding

Develop and implement employer brand proposition and strategies in alignment with the organisation’s long-term strategic objectives and desired culture.

Workplace Safety and Employee Well-being

Foster a culture of well-being, develop and implement employee safety protocols as well as health and wellness programmes, so as to promote healthy and productive workforce.

Learning and Development (L&D)

Create a culture of lifelong learning and implement learning and development channels and programmes to facilitate capability building and employees’ growth.

Performance Management

Establish a performance management philosophy and framework, and implement appropriate performance management strategies, including the identification of key performance indicators and fair, results-focused assessments of employee performance.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Establish a culture where employees have the resources they need to grow and thrive regardless of differences, so that they feel supported, included and have a sense of belonging.

Job Redesign

Maximise the quality of employees’ experience using an employee-centric view in all regards to the organisation

Once you’re adept, get ready to take your mastery to the next level.

All Skills Badges are available in two levels, Proficient and Advanced, to provide you with the opportunity for continuous growth. The badge levels correspond to the different levels within the SkillsFuture Framework for HR.

Corresponds with Levels 1 and 2 of the
SkillsFuture Framework for HR
Corresponds with Levels 3 and 4 of the
SkillsFuture Framework for HR
Corresponds with Levels 5 and 6 of the
SkillsFuture Framework for HR
How it works

Skills Badging Your HR team

Skills Badging delivers a structured process that takes your team on a rewarding path. This journey starts from the moment they earn a badge, all the way to applying their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.

1. Learn & Register

Choose a specialty area to strengthen your knowledge via one of our appointed partner instituitions.

2. Outcome

You’ll graduate from the course and become a successful earner, attaining a digital skills badge that will be awarded to your IHRP account.

Once you have a badge, it’s time to start showcasing your newfound skills — click here and learn how to share your Badge on social media and more.

Skills Badges do not ‘expire’, but may be updated depending on how the speciality areas evolve. You’ll be notified on any additional assessments needed to keep your badge valid.

Courses Spotlight

Recommended Programmes


Future Workforce Architect

Jointly provided by IHRP, the Society of HR Management (SHRM), and the Singapore Management University Academy (SMUA), this certification offers a 12-day modular programme that equips HR professionals and business leaders with the skills to transform the future of the workforce.

Teams that learn and earn together, thrive together. Keen to explore more possibilities and benefits of team badging for your HR team or signing up as a team? Contact us by clicking below.