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Earn credibility as a specialist

Keep up with HR trends to equip yourself for more strategic roles that effect meaningful change in the workplace.

Who can apply

Should I apply for Skills Badges?

  • HR Professionals, Specialists & Consultants
  • Mid-Level Management in SMEs
  • IHRP-Certified Professionals
Why apply

How can I benefit from this?

Master in-demand skills

Master in-demand skills

Adapt to dynamic business environments easily and stay relevant with skills in emerging HR areas.

Boost your journey to the top

Boost your journey to the top

Prepare yourself for leadership and more strategic roles.

A career building block

A career building block

Enhance employability with trusted micro-certifications that demonstrate your expertise.

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning

Choose from a variety of courses and learning methods (self-learning online or with our partner institutions) that complement your busy work schedule.

Long-term growth

Long-term growth

Get a head start in IHRP’s Certified Professional certification. Earning 2 Skills Badges will exempt you from the Certified Professional Experience Assessment.

The badges

Get badged in these emerging HR topics

Each speciality area is aligned with competencies in IHRP’s Body of Competencies (BoC) and SkillsFuture Framework of HR.

People Analytics

Analyse statistics, business and employee modelling, and use data to make better business decisions.

Organisational Change

Explore how design thinking and iterative approaches can empower organisation-wide changes that impact business success.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Plan for current and future workforce demand and supply to meet strategic and organisational objectives for today and tomorrow.

HR Technology

Build the foundation for HR Management Systems and learn how to apply new technologies in an HR context.


Fresh badges, new skills. More to discover.

Agile Ways of Working

Design operating processes that enable an agile workforce to be effectively managed and developed across all HR functions.

Fair and Progressive Practices

Gain a strong understanding of different practices, standards and acts that cover equal recruitment, merit-based treatment of employees and more.

Business Partnering

Combine strategic thinking and business acumen to drive strategic organisational value through people solutions.

Data Led Talent Acquisition

Employ data-driven and technology-led methods to source and acquire talent for your organisation.

People Experience

Maximise the quality of employees’ experience using an employee-centric view.

Future Workforce Architect

Rethink and reshape business strategies, technology acumen and design principles to future-proof the workforce and workplace culture.

Digital Human Capital Transformation

Employ systems thinking, data skills, service design and transformation planning to deliver digitalisation projects for organisations.

HR Consulting

Apply consulting processes and core skills to offer insights on developing forward-looking HR strategies and programmes.

Once you’re adept, get ready to take your mastery to the next level.

All Skills Badges are available in two levels, Proficient and Advanced, to provide you with the opportunity for continuous growth. The badge levels correspond to the different levels within the SkillsFuture Framework for HR.

Corresponds with Levels 3 and 4 of the SkillsFuture Framework for HR
Corresponds with Levels 5 and 6 of the SkillsFuture Framework for HR
How it works

Your Skills Badge Journey

From the moment you start to earn Skills Badges to when you begin to apply your newfound knowledge in the real world, your journey is a rewarding one.

1. Register

Kickstart your journey with these 5 simple steps:

  1. To apply, log in to your existing IHRP account or via your LinkedIn account. If you do not have an existing account, sign up here.
  2. Select ‘Skills Badges’ under IHRP Products.
  3. Select your preferred Skills Badge.
  4. Proceed to payment.
  5. Check your inbox for an email invitation from Gnowbe.

2. Learn

Choose a speciality area to strengthen your knowledge in via our appointed mobile-learning platform, Gnowbe, or with one of our partner instituitions.

This stage is optional, but recommended. If you’re familiar with the topic, you can start with Step 3.

3. Apply

Apply what you’ve learned in a business project. You’ll need to have a Project Sponsor who will supervise and confirm your application of skills.

Experienced professionals who have completed relevant projects in the past 2 years may consider utilising previous business projects for retrospective badging.

4. Submit

  1. Submit your business project details to IHRP along with evidence of your skills application.
  • Overall project description (Project timeframe, key project objectives and project synopsis)
  • Specific project details (Project role, responsibilities and key stakeholders)
  • Detailed approach (Elaboration on how each skill was demonstrated)
  • Project outcomes (Value created to the business)

*You may submit a current, upcoming or past project completed within the last 2 years.

  1. Appoint and onboard a Project Sponsor on his/her expected role in the application process before submitting the relevant information. Your Project Sponsor will be notified to verify your content submission.

5. Assess

Your work will be reviewed by our experienced community of Assessors, who are recognised for their expertise and contribution in the field.

Our Assessors are selected based on their relevant experience in speciality areas and include IHRP Senior Professionals (>8 years of experience) as well as experienced HR professionals (>10 years of experience). We also appoint Experts, who are recognised for their mastery and contribution to the HR community in their speciality areas and have good standing within the profession.

A selection of our Experts:

Dr Fermin Diez (IHRP-MP)
Expert in People Analytics and Organisational Change

Dr Jaclyn Lee (IHRP-MP)
Expert in People Analytics HR Technology

Alexis Saussinan
Expert in Strategic Workforce Planning and People Analytics

6. Outcome

You’ll receive your results and evaluation report within a month via Gnowbe. For successful earners, a digital Skills Badge will be awarded to your IHRP account. Once you have a Badge, it’s time to start showcasing your newfound skills — click here and learn how to share your Badge on social media and more.

Skills Badges do not ‘expire’, but may be updated depending on how the speciality areas evolve. You’ll be notified on any additional assessments needed to keep your badge valid.

All-new to make learning easier

Upskill and be accredited on-the-go
with Gnowbe

Complete your learning & assessment anytime, anywhere using the Gnowbe app.

IHRP has partnered with Gnowbe to offer you a unique Skills Badging experience to effortlessly acquire, be accredited and demonstrate new skills. All completed remotely using a next-generation mobile microlearning platform. Start your badging journey and get recognised for in-demand skills with any of these options below. Watch how Gnowbe works here.


Invest in your future



Accreditation Fee
(Assessment Programme only)

Proficient: $250

Advanced: $300

Gnowbe Learning + Assessment Bundle (Microlearning Course + Assessment Programme)

This all-in-one bundle lets you earn your preferred Skills Badge seamlessly. This means you’ll get the full learning materials equipping you with the background, frameworks and context of each skills badge. The assessment programme is also included here so that you can submit information about your business project and demonstrate the skill requirements set out by IHRP right after learning your new skill.

Once the assessment is complete, we’ll evaluate the submissions and award successful candidates with a Digital Skills Badge.

Proficient: $320

Advanced: $360

Course Learning Fee (Optional)

Gnowbe Microlearning Course: $150

Courses by Training Institutions: Please contact our accredited content providers for pricing. View full list here.

  • Proficient: Level 3 & 4
  • Advanced: Level 5 & 6
  • Learning courses are not compulsory, but recommended.
  • Above fees are not inclusive of GST.
  • Badge application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Badge applications must be completed within 6 months upon payment. Sign in to the application platform here.