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Colleagues who clocked in longer hours are praised for working hard. Truth is, they’re all just watching YouTube videos in the office after working hours!

No one ever leaves before 7pm at my company because there’s an unspoken rule that only slackers leave ‘early’. The OT culture is really unhealthy too—my colleagues who clocked in longer hours and had more ‘face-time’ in the office are praised for ‘working hard’. I know for a fact that most of them are just watching YouTube videos instead of working!

– Employee


To keep everyone’s spirits up during the COVID-19 pandemic, we assembled care packages for the entire company.

When DORSCON Orange kicked in, my colleagues in HR immediately got into action. We assembled care packages for the entire company. For colleagues on our work-from-home scheme, we made sure they had essentials like Vitamin C tablets, a couple of extra masks, healthy snacks and supplements as well as anti-bacterial hand wash. Colleagues who had to come into the office were given desk-sanitising supplies and catered lunch.

We also tried to inject some positivity into chores like temperature recording by giving out cute stickers. Our colleagues really appreciated how we kept everyone spirits up. It was a lot of extra work but everyone felt like we could get through this as a team.

– HR Professional

The new talent hiring specialist couldn’t pull his own weight and we ended up losing 3 wonderful employees from the HR team.

I wish I could forget about the talent hiring specialist I employed a few years ago. He performed well on the interview but after 2 weeks on the job, it was increasingly obvious that he wasn’t able to do the basic functions of the role! He only recommended his friends for whatever vacancy we had, and even though they did not have relevant experience, hired them anyway. He couldn’t pull his own weight and we ended up losing 3 wonderful employees from the HR team because they couldn’t stand fixing all the messes he made.

– Employer

They subjected me to 5 exit interviews, each with different department heads and HR managers. And all of them felt like interrogations!

I landed my dream job, but after 2.5 years of working 12-hour days, I was burned out and wanted my normal life back. I did everything as HR instructed — filled out a special form and put in my 1-month notice.

Little did I know that I just kickstarted a month of hell! Not only did HR refuse to find a replacement, but they also subjected me to 5 exit interviews, each with different department heads and HR managers. All of them felt like interrogations and it reached a point where I just started sobbing in one of the sessions.

– Employee

My company’s business leaders treat me as an equal and a valued partner in decision-making.

Dealing with the downsizing of a business unit is never a happy job, so it’s wonderful that my company’s business leaders treat me, an HR Business Partner, as an equal. We were on the same page every step of the way as we implemented a region-wide downsizing. From the communications to logistics, I’m happy to say that it was a true collaboration in every sense.

– HR Professional

We’re an outdoorsy company, so HR makes it a point to plan things that strengthens our team bonds.

My company is very outdoorsy so the HR team goes out of their way to plan monthly activities that really exercise our team bonds! Last year, we went sea-kayaking, and the entire company had to ‘raft up’ and join all our kayaks together. It was such a moving moment, we still talk about it to this day. Sometimes, when it gets stressful, we remind ourselves to ‘raft up’ and pull through together.

– Employee

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