The Only Nationally Recognised Certification For HR Professionals
The Only Nationally Recognised Certification For HR Professionals

Why IHRP recertification can benefit your career

The HR industry in Singapore got a boost five years ago when the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) launched its IHRP certification, the first national HR certification of its kind in Singapore. Now that the first cohort is due for renewal, let's explore some benefits of recertification.
Career-driven HR professionals consider professional certification a worthwhile investment in themselves and for their careers. They take pride in upskilling themselves so that they can continue to make positive and value added contributions to their company and for the broader community.

Those who certified three years ago and became active in the community found it easy to accumulate their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and keep updated on the latest HR focus areas. Just what exactly did they gain from certification and why were they one of the first to renew their commitment to the HR profession? We asked them how they managed to capitalise on their IHRP certification.
Professional credibility

For Pauline Loo, IHRP certification distinguishes her as a Human Resources expert. It helps her demonstrate to her employer that she has obtained a professional level of mastery of both strategic and operational aspects of Human Resources Management.

“Being empowered to provide management consulting advice to my top management serves to enhance my credibility and, in the process, solidifies my place in the company as the HR leader of the region,” she explains.

Having IHRP certification demonstrates:

  • An attainment of certain industry standards and a level of mastery that gives instant credibility
  • A level of trust that allows others to know what to expect from you
  • Your commitment to your profession

This will go a long way in you ticking all the right boxes, not just within your own company, but with every partner, customer and stakeholder you deal with on behalf of your organisation.

Badge of excellence
When it comes to standing apart from others in the profession, Lim Zhi Rong considers IHRP certification to be a badge of excellence. “Getting recertified is a mark of recognition. It enables me to keep abreast of and up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape from an HR perspective, especially given how Covid-19 has impacted and shaken the way we work,” he explains.
Confidence through a greater contribution
The ability to implement best practices in the organisation brings a new appreciation to the new ways of working. Accumulating your CPD hours helps with this.

Chasing her CPD target was not considered to be a barrier to recertification for Zheng Aihua. In fact, she viewed it as a motivation to gain new skills to improve her career.

“The CPD hours required for recertification incentivised me to constantly look out for multi-modal learning opportunities,” she remarks, “including completing my HR Graduate Certification at SMU, speaking at forums and company conferences, attending IHRP-organised webinars and learning on the go on the IHRP Connect platform.”

That is not to say that a role in HR does not have its challenges, as Aihua will also attest. The HR responsibilities she has been tasked with have tested her mettle and she is grateful to have a professional body and certified peers whom she can turn to for support.
Increased value in the market
Your professional qualifications, now validated by a credible, national-level HR certification body, offers immense value. Recertification will offer you an ongoing advantage when applying for a new role in your existing company or beyond. When vying against a peer with no industry certification, you have a distinct advantage, as Aihua can attest: “It is evident from job advertisements these days that more and more companies are indicating IHRP certification as a preferred hiring criterion for HR job vacancies.”  

Get Recertified Today!

Recertification is the strategy to play to ensure you remain proficient in your field. Renewing your IHRP certification ensures continued access to content, resources and programmes relevant to upskilling your competencies, as well as facilitates your access to a network of peers. This all goes towards increasing your value to your organisation and personal brand reputation.
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