Perspectives from the Ground

Perspectives from the Ground


COVID-19 Taskforce Message by Carmen Wee

Dear HR friends and colleagues,

We are living in unprecedented times and many of you are at the frontline of COVID-19 to keep our employees safe, healthy and productive in the current environment. You are shouldering huge responsibilities, while continuing to provide strong support to your leaders to ensure we meet our business goals.

You are stressed, anxious and even afraid of what this pandemic means for you and your company if COVID-19 becomes a long-drawn battle.

Amidst the seemingly relentless bad news, I want you to know that you do not need to be afraid. You are not alone in these challenging times. Our IHRP community is here to support you to navigate through these extraordinary conditions.

I’m humbled to share that I will be leading the IHRP COVID-19 Taskforce to provide resources to EVERYONE in our HR community. These will be made available to all HR professionals, regardless of our background or company affiliations.

We want to make sure that we support you with adequate and impactful support. Here’s what will be our key focus in the coming months:

  • Key advisory and updates to allow you to drive decision making and formulate responses rapidly.
  • An extensive array of practical tools, resources and best practices for you to adapt and implement throughout this evolving situation.
  • Access to IHRP Master-level professionals to create a lively forum of learning, sharing and support.
  • Shape & keep a dual focus on the post-pandemic HR landscape so that you emerge stronger in terms of your workforce & cultural transformation & leadership resilience.

As HR professionals, we play a significant role in being the strong voice for our employees. In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever for us to step up and play an even stronger role within the business.

We are ONE community and you can count on us to support each other to make a positive impact. Do write in to us at IHRP (hello@ihrp.sg) and give us your feedback so that we can continuously improve and meet your needs in a timely manner.

Thank you for your support for each other during this trying times. Keep strong, stay healthy and together, we can overcome this!


Warm Regards

Carmen Wee
Chairperson, IHRP COVID-19 Taskforce

Within the taskforce, the SWAT Team (Emily Ho, Lena Chan, Federick Foo, Nurliza Madon) was formed to source and gather interesting case studies.

Check out our latest output – a compilation of bite-sized mini case studies gathered by interviewing companies that adapted HR practices by leveraging on technology  in view of the changing landscape that COVID-19 brought about.

These mini case studies focus on 5 areas – L&D, Employee Engagement, Flexible Work Arrangements, HR Operations and Safe Management Measures (Temperature record), and also include useful links for your quick and easy reference.

Download the caselet below!

Catch the webinar recording of the IHRP-MP Webinar on COVID-19: Keeping up with Employee Engagement and Well-being in the midst of circuit breaker measures held on 15th Apr. The session was moderated by Ms. Carmen Wee (IHRP-MP and Chairperson of IHRP’s COVID-19 Taskforce) and hosted by Ms. Ong Chin Yin (IHRP-MP and Head Of People at Grab) and Mr. DN Prasad (IHRP-MP and Senior Director, Strategy, People & Organization at GovTech).

Webinar Recording – IHRP-MP Webinar on COVID-19: Keeping up with Employee Engagement and Well-being in the midst of circuit breaker measures

Access the webinar recording of the IHRP-MP Webinar Series on COVID-19: What is the new normal after COVID-19? How do organisations manage?” in partnership with SUTD held on 27th Apr below. The session was moderated by Dr. Jaclyn Lee (IHRP-MP and Chief Human Resources Officer at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)) with Ms. Carmen Wee (IHRP-MP and IHRP COVID-19 Taskforce Chairperson) and Dr Nilanjan Raghunath (Assistant Professor of Sociology, SUTD).

Webinar Recording – IHRP-SUTD Webinar on COVID-19: What is the new normal after COVID-19 and how do organisations manage?

On 17th June 2020, IHRP organised our 3rd IHRP-MP Webinar entitled, “COVID-19: Catalyst for Driving Culture Change”. 566 participants dialled in to the session, which was moderated by Karina Kuok (Head of Professional Practices at IHRP) with Carmen Wee (IHRP-MP and IHRP COVID-19 Taskforce Chairperson), D N Prasad (IHRP-MP & Sr. Director of Strategy, People and Organisation at GovTech) and Norbert Ehlert (IHRP-MP & Sr. Director HR, Research & Development Greater China, APAC, Middle East at Procter & Gamble).

The panellists shared examples on how they have seen COVID-19 catalyse change within their organisations, including how technology has been leveraged effectively by business leaders to connect and engage with their virtual workforce and customers. They also shared insights and advice on how the HR community can further reinforce and sustain the positive momentum of change.

These webinars are complimentary, open to the public and part of a virtual dialogue series hosted by IHRP, where we invite our IHRP-MPs to share their perspectives on COVID-19 with the broader HR community.

Follow IHRP on social media or our website and stay tuned for the upcoming sessions.

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