List of Resources

List of Resources

During challenging times like COVID-19, successful HR teams must maintain a people-centered posture. Here are tips on looking after employees’ safety, their physical and mental well-being and some robust communication plans to keep them engaged and well-informed during crisis.

Employee Safety
Want to know how to implement safe distancing measures or what to do if your employee is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19? Get guidelines here on how to keep your employees safe.

Communication Plans
In times of crisis, what do you need to communicate? And how do you communicate it? Discover resources on how to get the right message across effectively.

Australian Institute of Company Directors
COVID-19: Effective internal and external crisis communications

6 Crisis Communication Plan Examples & How to Write Your Own [Template]

COVID-19: How to Communicate in Turbulent Times

Employee communications and the coronavirus: What you need to know.

COVID-19: Seven steps for effective crisis communication

10 tips to help your business communicate throughout the coronavirus crisis

Communication Templates
Examples of online communication templates to aid your communication efforts.

Google Docs – Crowdsource resources
Coronavirus HR Comms & Resources Guide

CORONAVIRUS COMMUNICATIONS- Templates and resources to help inform, engage and remind staff

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) HR action plan email template

Resources on the impact of COVID-19 on Singapore and the economies around the world and how to ensure business continuity.

Resources on what workforce process and policies that employers should review in light of the COVID-19 crisis. This is segment cover topics such as employer guides, managing excess manpower, responsible retrenchment, implementing and managing remote working, and Flexible Work Arrangements.

Responsible Exit Management
Should retrenchment be the last resort, learn how to manage the exit of employees in a responsible, respectful and dignified way according to Singapore’s Tripartite guidelines.

Tripartite Partners
Tripartite Advisory on managing excess manpower and responsible retrenchment

Career Agility
The Exit Management Handbook

DLA Piper
Guide to Redundancies and Reductions-in-Force in Asia Pacific

How to Manage Coronavirus Layoffs with Compassion

Humanresources Online
Update: What employers must know before retrenching employees in Singapore

Tips for managing a remote workforce
Remote working is expected to be the ‘new normal’ after COVID-19 is over. Read more to learn tips on how to make this a successful working arrangement for the organisation and the individual employee.

<NEW> Managing Remote Teams (Learn how your organisation can overcome the challenges from working remotely)

Coronavirus: How to work from home, the right way

<NEW> At-a-glance: creating a new work culture for COVID-19 and beyond

EHL Education Group
5 Questions a Good Manager Should Ask Him/Herself While Managing a Team Remotely

<NEW> Best Practices forWorking From Home
<NEW> Remote Working Guide For Managers

Working Remotely: How We Make It Work

Gov insider
A civil servant reflects on years of remote working – dealing with challenges of telecommuting to keep teams well and effective

Harvard Business Review
<NEW> 6 Ways to Avoid Isolation Fatigue While Balancing the Demands of Remote Work
A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers

The Three Main Challenges of Remote Working

<NEW> How to Engage and Retain Remote Teams
Managing virtual teams

LinkedIn Learning
Remote Working Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success

Staying productive while working remotely with Microsoft Teams

20 questions to ask instead of “How are you doing right now?”

People Managing People
<NEW> 27 Tips For Successfully Managing Remote Teams

People Matters
Tips for managing a remote workforce during Coronavirus — and Beyond

TH March
<NEW> Managing Employees Who Struggle to Work Remotely

The Blueprint
<NEW> How to Manage a Remote Team: A Guide

The Entrepreneur
<NEW> 7 Mistakes Leaders Make When Managing a Remote Team

The Muse
7 Essential Tips for Working From Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Flexible Work Arrangement
In light of the COVID-19 situation, many companies have started to implement Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs). Learn about the different FWAs and how to implement them.

Human Resources Online
The growing role of flexible working in a world impacted by COVID-19

What are flexible work arrangements and how to implement them at your workplace

Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements (Employers) Guidebook

(Schemes) Enhanced Work-Life Grant for flexible work arrangements

While navigating the current uncertainties, businesses must still plan for the recovery phase after COVID-19. Leadership resilience, workforce transformation and more extensive workplace technology integration will be some key factors for future success.

Leadership Resilience in Responding to COVID-19 Crisis
Employees look to strong inspirational leaders for direction and confidence. Read to know what it takes to be a resilient and inspirational leader in times like these.

HR’s Role in Crisis

COVID-19 crisis: Eight crucial things your employees need from their leaders right now

Harvard Business School
7 Leadership Principles for Managing in the Time of Coronavirus

A CHRO’s Perspective on the Workforce in a COVID-19 World
COVID-19: What Employees Need From Leaders Right Now

The heart of resilient leadership: Responding to COVID-19

4 Actions to Be a Strong Leader During COVID-19 Disruption

The Business Times
Leadership in crisis: How corporate chiefs across the globe are responding to Covid-19

Leadership in the COVID-19 crisis

Here Are The Top Five Leadership Challenges Dur ing The Coronavirus Pandemic

Australian Institute of Company Directors
COVID-19: Coordinating board and management roles and responsibilities during a pandemic

Two Types of Leaders: Ambiguity Absorber and Ambiguity Amplifier
The RBL Group

Want To Lead In A Crisis? Be An Ambiguity Absorber

What, Why and How to be resilient

How to Lead in Times of Great Uncertainty

 Maybank’s CHRO on being crisis ready with adaptable HR

Conversation with StorHub CEO Mike Hagbeck: How the business is coping up with Covid-19 crisis and plans for eventual recovery.

Human Resources Online
Conversation with Helen Snowball, Head of Human Resources, JLL Asia Pacific: Impact and future of Work from Home Arrangements

COVID-19: How strong leadership ensures a low-risk return to the workplace

Assess Impact for Business
COVID-19 has forced businesses into uncharted territories. It is important to assess the business impact of COVID-19 in order to plan ahead.

Control Risks
COVID-19: What to focus on now, what to focus on next

A Resilient Tomorrow

EHL Education group
Six Actions Taken by Chinese Hoteliers as Immediate Remedies for the Coronavirus Crisis

Plan and Prepare for Recovery
While navigating current uncertainties, companies must keep their focus on what’s ahead so that they can plan and prepare for recovery post the crisis.

Korn Ferry
Preparing for the Post-Outbreak Era

COVID-19 business continuity plan: Five ways to reshape

How Leaders Should Navigate Long-Term Uncertainty

Willis Tower Watson
Global Crisis: Human Capital Road Map

Bain and Company
Covid-19: Protect, Recover and Retool

Knowledge Leader
The Great Return: Making the Workplace Ready

EHL Education Group

Further Insights on What Hoteliers can do to Prepare for Covid-19 Recovery

Unlocking Sustainable Strategic Renewal After Covid-19: Opportunities for Hospitality

7 Early Return to workplace lessons from Asia

COVID-19 Action Guide: Beyond the Great Lockdown

How to Approach the Recovery Process: Getting Back to Business

VMware brainstorms new ways of working after the COVID-19 pandemic

Back to Work

6 Ways To Rebuild Your Small Business After COVID-19

At War.The New C-Suite Battle Plan

The Big Read: Solving S’pore’s foreign workers problem requires serious soul searching, from top to bottom

Global Best Practices for Getting Back to Work: #SmartRestart #PeopleFirst

A Practical Guide to a Safe Restart: Best Practices for Organizations

Human Resources Online
Safe management measures for offices post-circuit breaker in Singapore

Decision Making in Complex & Volatile Times: Keys to Managing COVID-19

<NEW> Safely Back to Work – Best Practice Protocols
Accelerating Business Recovery

Adapt to New Normal
Companies have found alternative ways to do business, with some solutions proving more efficient. Tomorrow, it will not be “business-as-usual” but “business in the new normal”. Read more to learn how we can adapt to the new normal.

Josh Bersin
Responding To COVID-19. Ten Lessons From The World’s HR Leaders.

The Big Reset: Making Sense Of The Coronavirus Crisis

Will Coronavirus Lead to More Cyber Attacks?

COVID-19:5 new human truths that experiences need to address

Are We Witnessing The Awakening Of A New World Order?

3 Industries That Should Prepare Now For Post-COVID Life

The COVID-19 lessons businesses must learn

3 changes businesses will need to adapt to post-coronavirus

Commentary: COVID-19 is reshaping what work looks like

Digital news asia

Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare for the next normal.

COVID-19: Which critical choices should businesses make next?

BW People
Top Priorities for The HR Function to Adapt to the New normal

How to build back better: 8 ways sustainable businesses can survive in the post-Covid era

Inside HR
Future of work trends for a post COVID-19 world

<NEW> Is remote work here to stay in Asia-Pacific?

<NEW> The HR Operating Model of the Future. Build a more agile and strategic HR function

Return to Workplace Guide for HR Leaders

 7 early return to workplace lessons from Asia

Access various complimentary COVID-19 related learning webinars from various organisations.

BizHack Podcast (English/ meLISTEN) Episode 2 – Sean Tan, Director of True Group [Supercharge your cashflow and revenue (Part 2)]

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BizHack Podcast (Chinse/ meLISTEN) Episode 2 – Andrew Tjioe 周家萌, President and CEO Tung Lok Group (Part 2)

BizHack Podcast (English/ meLISTEN) Episode 3 – David Chong President Portcullis Group [Boost profit & productivity with online tools (Part 1)]

BizHack Podcast (English/ meLISTEN) Episode 4 – Ng Chee Soon Director, Carousell [Boost profit & productivity with online tools (Part 2)]

BizHack Podcast (Chinse/ meLISTEN) Episode 3 – Ernie Koh 许志恩 (Part 1)

BizHack Podcast (Chinse/ meLISTEN) Episode 4 – Ernie Koh 许志恩 (Part 2)

BizHack Podcast (English/ meLISTEN) Episode 5 – Suzanne Tan, Founder, Infantree [Power-up new revenue with digital solutions (Part 1)]

BizHack Podcast (English/ meLISTEN) Episode 6 – Kelvin Teo, Director JP Concept [Power-up new revenue with digital solutions (Part 2)]

BizHack Podcast (Chinse/ meLISTEN) Episode 5 – Buck Tan 陈木坤, Consultant and Advisor on Finance (Part 1)

BizHack Podcast (Chinse/ meLISTEN) Episode 6 – Buck Tan 陈木坤, Consultant and Advisor on Finance (Part 2)

BizHack Podcast (English/ meLISTEN) Episode 7 – Gene Yu (Blackpanda) [Secure and transform your business for growth (Part 1)]

BizHack Podcast (English/ meLISTEN) Episode 8 – Natasha (Fun Empire) [Secure and transform your business for growth (Part 2)]

BizHack Podcast (English/ meLISTEN) Episode 9 – Kwok Quek Sin, NDI (GOVTECH) [Smart ways to access free digital tools and grants. Plus secrets to motivate staff (Part 1)]

BizHack Podcast (English/ meLISTEN) Episode 10 – Stripe / Mastercard [Smart ways to access free digital tools and grants. Plus secrets to motivate staff (Part 2)]

BizHack Podcast (Chinse/ meLISTEN) Episode 7 – Andy Lim 林廷

BizHack Podcast (Chinse/ meLISTEN) Episode 8 – Andy Lim 林廷

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BizHack Podcast (Chinse/ meLISTEN) Episode 10 – Angeline Lee 李凯恒

1. Safe Management Measures
Introductory Video
People Strategy
1. Well-being toolkit for the new normal
2. Leadership resilience toolkit for the new normal
3. Talent attraction toolkit for the new normal
4. Talent development toolkit for the new normal

5. Talent retention toolkit for the new normal

6. Employee Engagement toolkit for the new normal

Business Strategy

1. Company culture toolkit for the new normal

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Business Processes
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