IHRP x Accenture: Learning Journey – Post Event

Date & Time: 1 November 2019

A group of 30 IHRP-certified professionals attended the learning journey co-hosted by Accenture on 1 November 2019, where they learned about how Accenture leverages digital innovation and integrates technology into their HR initiatives from speakers Ms Grace Yip, Head of HR (ASEAN) and Ms Jessamine Ng, ASEAN Campus Talent Acquisition Lead from Accenture.

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Transforming Recruitment through HR Tech
  • Attracting Greater Quality of Candidates
  • Reducing Bias and Improving Inclusion/Gender Diversity
  • Healthy Conversion Rates
  • Increasing Satisfaction of Hiring Managers

In order to overcome those challenges, Accenture adopted a ‘Digital-First’ approach for their recruitment process. Accenture has managed to create a highly collaborative and teaming experience with the use of virtual reality (VR) for their campus recruitments.

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Their technology-enabled recruitment process has allowed them to solve the problems they were facing and they saw an increase in application rates, greater gender diversity and man hours savings for recruiters, letting them redirect time for more meaningful work.


With ever-changing business needs and increasing automation, there is profound importance in upskilling employees.

Using AI and algorithms, Accenture has managed to measure their employees’ proficiencies and skills, helping them understand similar and new areas in which they have an affinity for and how they can build new skills to thrive in those areas through learning and training.

Some other HR tech initiatives that Accenture adopted include their ‘BugBot’—a system that sends repeated reminders automatically, eradicating the amount of transactional processing, and ‘Mamava’—smart nursing pods to provide ease for working breastfeeding mothers.

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Our IHRP certified professionals also visited Accenture’s Liquid Studio – an agile prototyping studio with expertise to bring design thinking, innovation and new IT together to resolve client and industry challenges.

One of the many prototypes introduced includes the usage of RPA to simplify and automate the process of looking for hotel and flight deals.

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Last but not least, they had the chance to meet Accenture’s dancing robots and were enamoured with their rendition of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’.

What our Certified Professionals said:

“The Accenture journey was eye-opening, showcasing possibilities of leveraging on technology to assist & achieve higher employee satisfaction, be it in their daily work routines, or in connecting people in a borderless way. The idea of introducing technology to solve current challenges is a timely reminder, as stakeholders should look at it from a different angle of improving the knowledge-based workforce, rather than replacing manpower.”

By Adrian Ho, IHRP-SP, HR Manager, Food Junction Management Pte Ltd

“I was amazed with the experience learning at Accenture that gave me the exposure of the latest technology of automation and AI at work.”

By Yvelve Wong Lee Yean, IHRP-SP, Head of Human Resources & Office Management, PacificLight Power Pte Ltd

We would like to express our gratitude to Accenture for co-hosting the learning journey together with IHRP.

The IHRP Learning Journey is part of the on-going initiatives to help certified professionals learn the best practices and gather insights from industry leading companies, as well as earn Continuing Professional Development hours for recertification.

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