Skills Framework Workshops for Employers and HR Professionals

Date & Time
11 Feb 2019 8:00AM to 30 Jun 2019 6:00PM

As per selected workshop

About Skills Framework Workshops

The Skills Framework is part of the SkillsFuture movement to promote mastery and recognition of skills, and to foster a culture of lifelong learning. It is developed by the government together with employers, industry associations, unions, and professional bodies, for the Singapore workforce. It aims to provide up-to-date information on industries, job occupations, career pathways, skills-set requirement and training programmes to facilitate the acquisition of skills

Tap on Skills Framework to enhance HR practices in the following areas:

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the intent and purpose of the Skills Framework for your selected sector
  • Comprehend the components of the Skills Framework for your selected sector
  • Determine how the career pathways and skills identified in the Skills Framework for your selected sector can be used to improve HR practices and organisational performance
  • Implement the Skills Framework for your selected sector to support better business outcomes

Who Should Attend?

  • HR practitioners who:

– Develop strategic HR policies and processes

– Develop in-house workplace learning tools and platforms

– Review strategic alignment between corporate vision and human capabilities

  • Line managers and leaders who develop and deploy performance support tools

Workshop Details

Jun-19 Jul-19 Aug-19
1. Accountancy + Intellectual Property 25 24 28
2. Design 10 19 27
3. Environmental Services Re-Scheduled 10 14
4. Financial Services 21 26 30
5. Food Services 24 30 19
6. Healthcare 17 17 15
7. Hotel and Accommodation Services 21 30 6
8. Human Resource + Training and Adult Education 24 10 1
9. ICT + Media 26 22 15
10. Landscape 12 23 23
11. Manufacturing (12 sectors)
i. Aerospace
ii. Air Transport
iii. Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing
iv. Electronics
v. Energy and Chemical
vi. Energy and Power
vii. Engineering Services
viii. Food Manufacturing
ix. Logistics
x. Marine and Offshore
xi. Sea Transport
xii. Precision Engineering
17 17 16
12. Retail 20 17 14
13. Security Re-Scheduled 11 7
14. Social Services 4 26 5
15. Tourism 21 31 28
16. Wholesale Trade 4 5 20
17. Workplace Safety and Health 28 31 29


Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: as per selected workshop
Fees: Complimentary (max. 2 reps per company)

1. Due to limited capacity, registration is based on a first come first served basis with a maximum of 2 representatives per company, per run.

2. A confirmation email will be sent to successfully registered participants at least one week before the date of the selected workshop.

3. Dates above are subjected to change without prior notice.

For any enquiries, please contact us at sfw@ihrp.sg

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