IHRP x SUTD Learning Journey – Post Event

IHRP was proud to host both Certified Professionals at another signature Learning Journey session at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) on 7th Aug 2018.

It was an eye opener, as certified professionals had the chance to listen about SUTD’s HR Digitalisation and Transformation Journey, as well as AI and the Future of Work by Dr. Jaclyn Lee, IHRP-MP, CHRO SUTD. Professor Lucienne Blessing then shared more on Design Thinking and how HR professionals can leverage it to work for their company.

It was then on to the next segment, where our professionals had a chance to witness an exclusive tour of SUTD’s fantastic library, Fabrication Lab (which included 3D printing segments) as well as the International Design Centre (IDC) Exhibition Area.

What our Professionals said

“The opportunity to talk about real life situations and share experiences with IHRP MP Dr Jaclyn Lee and Prof Blessings was beneficial. These Learning Journeys bring together HR professionals from a range of sectors and with varied experiences which makes it a perfect ground for lively discussions and best practice sharing.

The SUTD learning journey demonstrated how you do not have to have massive budgets and big teams to be innovative, digital or agile. All you need is a mind frame or like Prof Blessings mentioned “design thinking” I would like to take back that to my workplace and see how we can imbibe that in our day to day.”

– Ms. Gopa Das, (IHRP-SP), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

The sharing by Dr Jaclyn and Prof Blessing provided fresh perspectives to data analytics and design thinking. The campus tour also enhanced the learning as I could witness the advanced systems and thought-process of SUTD. I liked the 3D printing lab the most.

Prof Blessing said that we need “to be mature enough to be naive” so that we keep asking why, why and why. Meaningful change requires understanding, and it’s through asking questions that design can be purposeful.

Based on research, Dr Jaclyn shared that apparently, peoples in their 40s are the group who are most averse to change. I am turning 40 this year, and this statement serves to remind me never to stop learning and to cope with changes at work and even personal life.

SUTD have redefined their systems in-house. For example, their library does not need to be quiet all the times. There are movie screenings and events that create a lively atmosphere in the library. Their HR department has been filled with team members with no HR background, yet savvy in technology and analytics to enhance internal HR systems and services.

– Ms. Joanne Chong, (IHRP-CP), In-transition

I particularly liked the sharing by Prof Lucienne Blessing on Design Thinking . I also remembered the importance of customer experience in the whole employee life-cycle from the session that I had attended.

If there’s something I would want to apply at work what I have learnt here today would be the application of Design Thinking in finding solutions.

– Mr. Javen Ong, (IHRP-CP)

The IHRP Learning Journey is part of the on-going initiatives to help certified professionals learn best practices and gather insights from industry leading companies, as well as earn Continuing Professional Development hours for recertification.

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